Larry and Judy Bruning

Bruning pottery manufactures and retails, dinnerware, plant containers, kitchen and home accessories, including sinks, vases, lamps and  fountains... and will consider special orders. Many items are one of a kind and not reproducible.   Note: Special order Sinks are not available at this time.

Contact us at 360-568-2614, or, for wholesaling information.

All Dinnerware is Porcelain, larger items are Stoneware. 

All glazes are unique to Bruning Pottery and have been formulated by me over the years. 

Bruning Pottery is Lead free, Microwave safe, Dishwasher safe and Oven safe.*

*See Disclaimers, Notes and Instructions at Prices page.

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Call 360-568-2614


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115 Ave D

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Snohomish: 360-568-2614 

Hours:  10:00 to 6:00 Mon - Sat

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*Note: One-of-a-kind items in our Showroom are available on a first come first serve basis.  Some items pictured on this site are already sold and the photos are being used for promotional purposes only.  Ordering  will not result in exact duplicates of the pictured items on this web site... but we will do our best at filling your order. 

Bruning Pottery reserves the right to refund and cancel any order, at our discretion; or refuse an order, if we feel we can't successfully complete it.

Photography (not pottery related)

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