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Note: We hand throw all our sinks on the potters wheel or hand make them by

building slabs into a form thrown on a wheel, therefore no two are ever exactly the same.

Note:  There is no overflow drain.

         One of a kind sinks shown below are ready to ship:

(S&H Note:  Boxing is $14.00 per sink and shipping is figured after it is boxed, weighed and addressed.)

Buckskin vessel  16 1/4 by 6
$240.00 plus S&H

Celadon vessel with very faint fern pattern. 16 1/4 by 6
$270.00 plus S&H

Porcelain 15 X 5" Mahogany glaze
 $265 plus S&H.

Hand built vessel sink in Stoneware clay with multiple glazes.  17 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches.
$280.00 plus S&H

Stoneware vessel style sink with Berry leaves design.  16 1/2 by 6  inches.  Glazed pale Celadon.  $275.00 plus S&H

Porcelain vessel style various greens to white.  17 1/2 by 4.  $140.00
plus S&H

Stoneware vessel sink Ivory and white with "tan-ish" overlap 15 by 4 3/4
$180 plus S&H

Porcelain vessel sink Mahogany with white and bluish accents, 15 1/4 by 3 1/3
$185.00 plus S&H

Two Porcelain Vessel style sinks glazed Super Smoky 15 1/2  across by 4 1/2 deep.  (one is 16 inches wide by 4 1/2 deep)  $540.00 plus S&H

Porcelain vessel-style sink glazed very pale Celadon with bamboo brushwork
13 3/4 in. across by 4 in. deep
$225.00 + S&H

Stoneware vessel glazed Chocolate with Cranberry accent 17 inches across by 5 inches deep.  $250.00 plus S&H

Stoneware bowl type sink for on top of a counter installation,,, 12 3/4 in. across by 3 3/4 in deep.  Glaze Buckskin with brown feathering.
$185.00 + S&H

Porcelain vessel-style sink glazed Black
13 in. across by 4 1/2 in. deep
$140.00 + S&H

Slab built Stoneware Pair... (One is 16 by 6 1/4 and the other is  and 16 1/4 by 6.
Glazed Cranberry)  $540.00 plus S&H

Stoneware rim-mounted or vessel-style sink with Glossy White glaze poured in overlapping patterns and impressed Evergreen foliage on the outside
17 1/2 in. across by 6 in. deep
$250 + S&H

Porcelain sink glazed Lilac with accent, intended for powder rooms as it is only 2 3/4 in. deep by 15 1/4 in. across
$200.00 + S&H

Porcelain sink glazed solid black
15 in. across by 5 in. deep
(Discounted for small scratch)
$175.00 + S&H

The sinks pictured below this point are samples of earlier sold work

and are not made and ready to ship.


Our sinks are either Porcelain or Stoneware and can be ordered so that they can be installed above the counter top or "hung from the rim" as a sunken sink. (Rim is slightly above the counter top level.) Please specify when ordering.



NOTE:  Sinks are hand thrown with no overflow drain.

Note:  Many times there are small imperfections in form and glaze.

   Various examples of sinks
Disclaimer: "EXACT" dimension requirements may not be possible due to the hand made nature of the process.      
 Disclaimer:  "Exact" matching of pairs of sinks may not be possible due to hand throwing on a potters wheel... but we get as close as we can.
You can reject the order if not pleased of course, but we may not choose to try again.  Photos of pairs are emailed for approval prior to shipping.





Below are some installation photos sent in by our customers.

*click thumbnails for larger versions

 (photo courtesy  of customer)
An "in the counter" installation   (photo curtsey of customer)
This sink could have been installed either above counter "Vessel style" or sunken, as pictured.

(photo courtesy of customer)

Sink installation from Canadian customer.

(photos courtesy of customer)

Left is a sunken (below counter but not hanging from rim) version... used as a bar sink.

(Photo courtesy of customer)

An "above the counter style" or "vessel" sink.

(photo courtesy of customer)


Another version of an above the counter style.

(That could be used either above or below counter.)

(photo courtesy customer)

(photo courtesy of customer)

(photo courtesy of customer)

(Photo courtesy of customer)

(Photo courtesy of customer)


(Left are two different installations in one home)

Thanks for the great photos.

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