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Below are the glazes we currently have in production.  Larger sized pots are limited in glaze choice. Call or email for availability.


All planter sizes are listed on the price list page

(Note: Planters are not glazed on inside bottom nor bottom of foot.)

Shiny Black Smokey Bronze Soft Yellow Mellow Yellow Shino Plum w/ Lilac Lilac/Opal Red w/Crackle Cranberry Red Iron Red
Cobalt w/ accent Cobalt w/ Jade Rutile-blue over
Dark Turquoise Light Blue w/ accent Super Crackle Army green w/
Ivory w/ Blue/Gray Ivory w/ Iron Celadon w/ Buckskin
Jade w/ Lilac Jade Green Celadon with
Moss Peacock Green White Black w/ Buckskin Black w/ accent Tenmoku w/ Gold Mahogany w/ accent
Italian Olive with Yellow top Moss green with Opal Olive with
Mellow Yellow

     Note:  All Bruning Pottery Planters come with cork dots as a protection against scratching fine furniture.  However, always use caution when sliding pottery on a finely finished piece of furniture.  (Never slide anything, as far as that goes, on fine furniture.)

Caution:   Always place some protective material beneath planters that are displayed on fine furniture as a moisture barrier.   Moisture can condense beneath pots containing wet soil. Over flow from over-watering can also set under a planter and damage the wood.  Cork rings, glass, clear plastic, or another saucer material all work fine to keep the wood from water damage.  Note: Some modern coatings on fine woods are impervious to water and the above is a non-issue.

Note:  All Planters and Dish gardens come with attached saucers with a drain into the saucer, unless specified or pictured otherwise.  Slab planters are not always draining nor "saucered" and those are intended for outside use.

Note: Plant containers are purposely not glazed inside bottom. 




Orchid Pots


Above, Orchid Pots are available now in  5 and  7 inch sizes in any glaze. (see price list)

3, 5 and 7 inch "V" Planters


Dish Gardens

Dish gardens are shallow planters designed for multiple plants and sometimes, multiple species plantings.

Interesting arrangements of different indoor greenery are the usual choice for dish gardens and can include many different varieties in one pot.  Start with small 3" plants...and pot them using the taller plants to the rear and arrange the shorter ones according to your taste, nearer the front... water, fertilize and watch the show.




Note:  Dish Gardens are not glazed inside bottom.



Note:  All glazes vary slightly firing to firing due to variations in kiln temperature, thickness of glaze application, and atmosphere in the kiln during red heat and beyond.  All these variables make ordering exact glaze colors nearly impossible.  We are usually pretty close..


All sizes are listed on the price list page

Hanging Planters

Stoneware with Smokey Bronze

Stoneware with Super Crackle
Hanging Planter Opal
Stoneware with Opal

Hanging planters are available in 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch only... and 8 inch are not cost effective to ship at this time.

They are available in most Bruning Pottery glazes.

  Note: hanging planters are not glazed on the inside nor outside bottom.

Home  Sinks  Planters   Dinnerware   Vases   One of a Kind Items   Classes

Price list  Bonsai Pots (One of a kind)

   Sale items   Map to shop  News and Events Page

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