Photography from November 2010

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Rainbow Barn

Barn Art

Barn Art

Barn Art

Light Study

Female Blackbird in flight... Art

Play time with Seattle Skyline

Hawk Art

Barn Art

Light Study


Morning Mist

Fall color

More barn

Misty Morning Art

Dark eyed Junko

Unidentified Hawk who was having a very bad day, judging by his expression.

Abandoned cabin on the Skagit

Barn and Corn

Sunset Geese

UW sailing lesson

Kingfisher on an estuary log

One of the Crowned Sparrows

Fox Sparrow

Beautiful Snow Geese in formation singing their song together as they dodge the hunters and find a place to land.

Photoshop fun

Wet morning grass and a Juv. Golden Crowned Sparrow

Snow Geese in a safe place hiding from hunters

Heron Art

Foliage Art

Swan Art

The Swans are back!

Swans Snohomish Valley

Showing off for the girlfriend

Barn Art

Experimenting with a flash for those overcast days.

Swan Art

Northern Shrike
My first shot of one.

White Crowned Sparrow
eating an apple.

Greater Yellowlegs

Two Eagles sparring

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Red tail Hawk


Fox Sparrow Art

Sometimes incorrect camera settings can be used to get interesting results straight from the camera... bypassing Photoshop.
In this case "zooming" during long exposure.

Camera Art, Puget Sound sunset.
(Intentional blurring)

Greater Yellow legs sketch in Photoshop

A shot of our studio in the first snow of 2010.

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