Photography August 2011

Mountain Chickadee with a Pine seed in his mouth

Blackcap Chickadee eating an insect of some green variety


Osprey ready to go

House Finch in the Blackberries, literally.

Spotted Towhee
  Juv. Golden Crowned Sparrows
Swainson's Hawk from Fall 2010 in Montana

A local Juvenile Hawk

A log from a long ago forest

Golden Crowned Sparrow


Montana Sparrow

Hunting Coyote Northern Idaho

Wild Turkey Northern Idaho

Bee in Thistle bloom

A Gold Finch being golden

Gold Finch preening

Young Gold Finch stretching

Gold Finch with Apple

Lesser Sandpipers

Lesser Sandpipers

Male House Finch


Lilly Art

Song Sparrow blending in very well.

Hummer, Anna's I believe

Thistle seed

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