June 2011
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A very cool, "painterly"
photo of a Sparrow

A vase with Eastern Washington wild-flowers

Take a look at this... green tunnel.

Sepia fun

Killdeer faking injury

Hiding in plane sight.  Very dark Song Sparrows is my best guess.

Cedar Waxwings in
early morning sun

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

Art from a rainy day of two
people trying to paint under an umbrella in the rain.  I took my artistic license with it as well.

Very cool courting between these two Cedar Waxwings.
Sharing a Berry.

They are sharing a berry.  Not sure if it is the male bringing a treat to the female to win her approval or the other way round.

Killdeer singing to me

Brewer's Blackbird (female)

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Tree Swallow

Imagine my surprise and delight as I
rounded a corner and found this fellow
by the side of the road quietly eating grass.

Make no mistake that Bears are
omnivorous... eating vegetables (in this case
grass and Dandelion flowers) and or meat
(and or anything that is remotely edible,
according to reports )

This is the first wild Bear
I have seen in my life of
being out in the woods...
except in Yellowstone as
a kid.

I had a bad case of
shaking hands as I tried to
switch lenses and camera
settings prior to his departure,
which I thought was imminent.

This is the Cascades version
of a Black Bear
( His right ear had a yellow tag in it,
so he had some previous run in with

An older male I believe...  because
some scares on his snout from
previous battles.

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