Photography October 2011

Mt. Rainier from Magnolia area of Seattle

The evening of 29 October
was an incredible sunset

Fall color overlooking
Padilla Bay

An October Mature
Bald Eagle

Rough-legged Hawk
 (Buteo lagopus)

Red tail Hawk

Waves on Long Beach Washington

Fox Sparrow with berry stained beak

Yellow Rumped Warbler
(I felt obliged to show his yellow rump)

Saltwater Flats

Mud Flats

Beach through the trees

Sun on the trees

Sun on the trees 2

Citizens of mud flat

Coyote hunting meadow moles

Tree Art

Oregon Cowboy
 herding cattle

Crow and roof top

Coopers Hawk looking

Golden Crowned Sparrow


Marsh Wren

Rough-legged Hawk

Eagle takes off

Flocking shore birds

Song Sparrow

River Otter eating a fish

River Otter with Duck Weed

River Otter checking where I am and if I'm a danger to him.

Belted Kingfisher

American Bittern pretending to be a bunch of  reeds.

Graylag Goose

River Otter finishing a snack

Beach Gull

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Juv. White Crowned Sparrow

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