Photography November 2011

Road with fallen leaves

Old Railroad bed

Framed morning in mist

Rail fence with horses



Early morning field with
one bale of hay.  Why did
the farmer leave it out there?

Later morning Fall

Water and fall scene

Morning sunrise

Sunrise and trees in the mist

Berries with frost



Re-do of Parade photos
from last year with new software

2010 re-do

2010 re-do

B&W experiment

re-do of a Song Sparrow
sheltering under a leaf.

Re-do Alder grove

re-do first fall foliage

re-do of  Hawk

Amazing sunset of 29 October 2011

Processing experiment

Tone mapping ART

Swans landing

First frost

Highly stylized  Heron

Swans in trees

Redtail Hawk from 2010

Mt. Rainier and Puget Sound

Swans landing

Red Barn Tone mapped

"A love bite"

Love bite Swans

Swans  in trees

Red barn ART

 A wet Coyote looking me in the eye trying to decide if I was dangerous or not. Ridgefield Washington.

Hooded Merganser being a motor boat. Nisqually nature preserve.

Raccoon eating an unidentified morsel from a marshy area in Ridgefield nature reserve.

Eagle having the "tail end" of a snack...  see the carcass of something hanging from under his feet.

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