Photography March 2012

Common Snipe

Queen Ann's Lace

Red wing Blackbird

Red wing Blackbird

Shy Hoody




Sleeping Snipe

Lesser Yellowlegs


Eagle watching Mid March Ridgefield Nature Reserve

Swan in flight

Male Wood Duck

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Wood Duck

Inquisitive Young Song Sparrow

Yellow legs

Sunset image with clouds

Framed textured scene

Many layers water scene

Multi images and blends

Lesser Canadians

Water in Winter

Coopers Hawk making off with a Coot.

Coopers Hawk with a new kill (a Coot)

Common Yellowthroat

Gold Finch

Young Eagle in attack posture

Water scene

Lesser Canada Geese

 Blackcap Chickadee

Water scene

Song Sparrow in the Blackberries

Common Yellowthroat

Marsh Ducks Art


Female Brewers Blackbird

Woody keeping an eye on me

Woody Art

A lone Eagle in prime hunting area.

American Kestrel

Full B&W Flooded trees

Worked over Young Eagle

Manipulated dawn colors

Eagle ART in attack mode.

Red-wing Blackbird

American Kestrel

Swans in formation

Mature Eagle with head into wind on a windy day.

Composite Mature Bald Eagle

Rough legged Hawk.

Rough legged Hawk

Head on Swan

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