Photography February 2012

Cascades after a cold night in February 2012 viewed from Camano Island Washington.

A representation of the
American Manor (farm house)


Flood ponds from heavy recent rains reflect clouds.

Snow Gees by the thousands land in different fields to feed every day.  They spend the night in the Salt water a few miles away.

Cloud formations change rapidly in the Cascades on a blustery day.

Swan Art

Snow Geese blends

Winter Trees Art

An often photographed barn
and Young Eagle.

An abandoned fishing boat
resting half in and half out.


Snow Geese impressions

Golden Crowned Sparrow

Eagle  Art

A Golden Crowned Sparrow eating a new bud that is just swelling with new life in February in Washington

Hawk Art

A cool Canadian

A juiced sunset in Seattle

Seattle glowing

Sun reflecting off buildings in downtown Seattle

Sun reflections Seattle

Seattle Sun reflections

Goose portrait


A Young Bald-Eagle posed nicely for me...

Young Bald Eagle

Even Youth can have a "blue" day.

Young Bald Eagle

First Flower of 2012 (that I noticed in the wild)

Ring-Necked Pheasant in his prime.  I'm especially proud of capturing the iridescence of his feathers.

Sunset ART

Impressions of Snow Geese

Mature Bald Eagle peering down at me.

A female Northern Harrier in flight.

Idaho cattle yard and Barn

A Doe from last year

Sun on plant in showroom window

A cool pot for Sedums

Detail of Barn Door and a bent nail from the day it was built.

Sunset Art

Barn Art

4 Swans lifting off

Farm on upper Skagit


Mountain in Winter

View from the Bridge

Pond reflections

Upper Skagit River

Yakima River Reflection

Reflection of Black Alders

Idaho sunset glow

Swans and Ducks parading

Eastern Oregon Winter Day

Sun Dog

Spotted Towhee


Golden Crowned Sparrow

Crow flies

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