Photography December 2011

Above is a panorama of 3 images of fall in Ridgefield Washington

Sun peaking through

Var. on Sun and clouds

Eagle landing 1

Eagle touch down

Snow geese

Tranquil pond

Black-capped Chickadee

Swans in flight

Tweaked foliage


Red barn and mountains

Eagle mapped into a black and white

Lens Flare


Morning 2

Song Sparrow tone mapped

Experiments in tone mapping

Over the top

Contrasted Sparrow

Fall foliage along a side channel of the Columbia River

A Wet Coyote tone mapped

Pushed scene

Tone mapping test

Fog in morning

Male Hooded Merganser

The power boat of paddling "ducks" with wake and all.


Heron ART

Red-tail Hawk stretching prior to flight

Short-eared Owl in flight on Skagit estuary

Fall along a tributary of the Columbia River in Southern Washington

Ridgefield scene in fall

Male Hooded Mergansers
showing off for the female near by.

A handsome chap

A young Bald eagle whose white head is starting to show

Young Bald Eagle

The moment of lift off from the lake

Concentration of the hunter
Coyote, tamer than most, in Ridgefield Nature preserve.

Coyote on a very wet rainy day in late November

American Kestrel or Chicken Hawk

Swans ART

Short-eared Owl

Ridgefield ART

Vintage of a Hawk

Snow geese taking off

Very cool Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow

Short-eared Owl

Fall ART

Raccoon eating a (?)





Seattle at night

Seattle at night2

Barn Window

Var. on barn wall with window

Seattle at night

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