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 Price List

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**link to disclaimers and glaze color table at bottom of this page

Items we make


Vases  (height and width variable due to shape)


Mini  Vases,  Fat (4") or Tall (5")   $13.00
Small  Vases, Fat (5.75") or Tall (6.5") 20.00
Medium Small   Vases,  Fat (7.5") or Tall (8") 26.00
Medium  Vases,  Fat (8.5") or Tall (9") 3200
Large  Vases,  Fat (9 to 101/2") or Tall (11 to 13") 44.00
Extra large Fat (12 to 131/2")  Tall (14 to 151/2") Vases 50.00
Jumbo  Vases Fat (13 to 15") Tall (15 to 17")   70.00
Two Piece Floor Vases 

(height and width variable... one of a kind)

Three Piece Floor Vases

(height and width variable... one of a kind)


Dinner and Kitchenware

Round Dinner Plate (10") 24.00
Oval Dinner Plate  (11") 25.00
Salad Plate  (8") 13.50
Condiment Bowl  (4") 7.00
Dessert Bowl  (5") 9.00
Cereal Bowl  (6") 13.00
V-Bowl  (7.5") 16.00
U-Bowl  (7") 17.00
Pasta Bowl  (8") 18.00
8" Low Bowl 24.00
9" Serving Bowl 30.00
10" Low Bowl 29.00
Three Piece mixing bowl set 57.00
Fat Mug (~12 oz.)  18.00
Ex-Large Fat Mug  (~16oz.)   24.00
Ex-Large Tall Mug  (~16oz.)   24.00
Creamer (~10oz.) 20.00
Sugar/Honey pot with lid 30.00
Medium Pitcher (Juice ~1qt..) 36.00
Large Pitcher (~2qt..) 44.00
Pie Plate (9") 24.00
Pie Plate Fluted (9.5")  26.00
Casserole, Medium (~2.5 quarts) 46.00
Casserole, Large  (~3.5 quarts) 58.00
15 " Platter (Serving) 65.00
French Butter Dish (one cube) 24.00
Rectangle Soap dish 8.00
Liquid Soap Dispenser (pump) 20.00



2 inch Planter

3"  Planter 7.00
4"  Planter 13.00
6"  Planter 19.00
8"  Planter 28.00
10"  Planter 40.00
12"  Planter 54.00

Hanging Planters

6" Hanging Planter with rope hanger $28.00
8" Hanging planter with rope hanger $36.00
5" Orchid pots  with air holes $22.00
7" Orchid pots      "       "        $29.00
Dish gardens  
6"  Dishgarden $13.00
8"  Dishgarden $18.00
10"  Dishgarden $28.00
12"  Dishgarden $36.00
14"  Dishgarden $45.00

Masseuses Foot Bowls


(about 14 -15 inch diameter by 4 to 5 inches deep)


same with handles on outside


Fountain Containers

7" Bulb bowl   15.00
9" Bulb bowl 24.00
10" Bulb Bowl 29.00
12" Bulb Bowl 42.00
14" Bulb Bowl 54.00
Bulb Bowls   
10" V-Bowl 24.00
12" V-Bowl   40.00
14" V-Bowl 56.00
16" V-Bowl  (for Pick up in Snohomish only) 75.00
18" V-Bowl (for pick-up in Snohomish only) 100.00


(see sinks page)

(Individually priced)

150.00 to 350.00


Bonsai pots are one of a kind and individually priced...
see bonsai pots page for examples of current work


Note: Expect variation in sets. 

Note: Expect variation when re-ordering.  

Glaze choices:

Color description of glaze


Color with usual accent color


Notes regarding the glaze


(Link below to photos)

Black   Black w/ red and Lilac (pale bluish) accent

Black w/ Buckskin accent

  A blue Black (very black)
  Tenmoku Black   Tenmoku with "gold" accent   Mirror black where thick breaks dark brown where thin...Accent varies as to hue of gold and orange
Lilac   Lilac w/ accent Lilac varies from firing to firing as does the accent band used to get the darker reddish and bluish areas.
Jade Green   Jade w/ accent

Jade w/ Buckskin

*The lilac on Jade is a pale blue as an accent not true lilac color.

Forest green with light tan mottling accent

Light Green       (This is a recycle glaze that varies from month to month available in shop only)
Moss Green   Moss w/ accent   Mottled green to gray
Pale Green Celadon   Pale Celadon w Buckskin accent Celadon (transparent green) with Iron Red or Yellow dip available in addition to the buckskin accent
Shiny White   White w/ lilac and gray accent   Glossy white ... accents are vaious unpredictable blues and grays
Silky White       A matt white that mars under heavy use as dinnerware
Clear or Liner Glaze       This is transparent... but is grayish on Stoneware due to the Iron in the Stoneware clay.
 Ivory       Warm multi colored white to light tan.... Mahogany rim dip available
Cobalt Blue   Cobalt w/ accent

Cobalt w/ Jade green

  True ultra marine blue and the lilac is a pale blue as an accent not true lilac color

 and Jade accent is deep forest green.

Medium Blue


  n/a A matt blue that is varied a bit (not just a flat color).



  Gray/blue w/ accent   Gray blue with "floating" light gray areas

Cranberry Red

    Cranberry red (copper red)
Buckskin   Buckskin w/ red accent   Warm medium mat tan, shows iron speckles on stoneware
Mahogany   Mahogany w/ accent Matt dark molasses golden brown and
 accent varies from tan to black
 Yellow   n/a   A trickey golden yellow that varies
Plum   Plum w/ lilac accent A dark purplish base glaze with lighter purple accent and sometimes celadon greenish areas.
Red Iron glaze   n/a   A reddish, dark rusty red
 Shino   n/a   Available on plant containers mostly.  Heavily crackled and unpredictable colors.
Smokey Bronze**   n/a   (not intended for dinnerware except as shown on non food surface items due to a very matt surface)
Super-crackle*   n/a   (not intended for dinnerware except as shown on non food surface items due to a very matt surface)

*Note: Super-crackle and Smokey Bronze are not intended for food contact due to surface roughness.       

Disclaimers, Notes and Instructions:

Bruning Pottery is fired to cone 11, or approx. 2400 degrees F.  We fire at that high temperature to get the most durable product possible.  And also to get the most esthetic glaze results, in our opinion, possible.  We fire in a reduction atmosphere... and the results are both beautiful and unpredictable.  Having glazes match from firing to firing is sometimes impossible.  Therefore, when re-ordering don't expect  "exact" matches.  You are not required to keep an order if you are not pleased, but we have the option at that point to decide whether we want to try again or not. Bruning Pottery reserves the right to refund and cancel any order we feel we can not successfully complete.

When fired, our glazes are completely non-toxic and lead free.  They are also dishwasher safe, microwave safe and *Oven proof.  Bruning Pottery baking containers are not intended for the stove top.  Heat and cool in the oven smoothly and fill containers with food when heating and cooling.    Do not thaw frozen food in a hot oven in the middle of a baking dish.  Temperature differential will break any clay item when taken to extremes.  Eventually a baking dish will break from the thermal expansion that is inherently a characteristic of all clay products containing Silica.

  Bruning Pottery makes no life time warranties, and will replace flawed pieces only.  Nothing is knowingly shipped flawed.  Immediately upon unpacking a shipment, if you notice something damaged, take a photo that reflects the pot inside the foam and double boxing.  Send us an email with a letter describing the damage and a photo or two.  Most usually your order arrives in great shape because we pack very well.  We may decline to ship certain items that are too heavy or awkward to be double boxed well enough to arrive to you in good shape. 

*Note: One of a kind items are in our Showroom and are available on a first come first serve basis.  Some items pictured on this site are already sold and  the photos are being used to promote our general skills and product line.  Ordering  will not result in exact duplicates of the pictured items on this web site... but we will do our best at filling your order. Bruning Pottery reserves the right to refund and/or cancel any order at our discretion if we feel we can't successfully complete it.

 Note:  Most Bruning Pottery has an accent band of color around, or on the piece, as a complimentary color to the base glaze.  This band is usually factory choice.  See photos. You can order solid colors.  


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Price list  Bonsai Pots (One of a kind)

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