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Dinnerware Page

(use thumbnails to see larger versions)


 Leopard Black with Buckskin

Mahogany with White Silky

Celadon with Buckskin accent


Cranberry Red (highly variable glaze;  nearly impossible to reorder exact matching)

Jade Green with Lilac accent Right Jade Green with Buckskin accent left


Celadon Green (very pale translucent green)




Lilac with accent

Mahogany Dinner Plates


Jade Green with Lilac accent


Gray/blue with accent

 Black w/ accents

Black with Lilac and Cranberry accents.






Dinnerware can be made for you specially if the set you want is not already on the shelves in the showroom.

(Wedding registry service available also.)

The only glazes available however, are current Bruning Pottery glazes.  You can combine the glazes that are compatible, for custom dinnerware options unique to you. Call for help with what combinations of glaze will work together.


When ordering dinnerware it is advisable to add a few extra pieces to replace the broken pieces as the years go by. 

The farther from original ordering date the reorder is, the more likely exact matching will not be possible. 

However, we have had some glazes in production now for 15 years, and many customers have re-ordered successfully from the early sets.


green dinnerware.jpg (22686 bytes) See order forms for a complete list of available items and glazes.

Note:  Darker glazes show wear faster.  Therefore, Bruning White glaze shows scratches the least.

Note:  Matt glazes are prone to marring.  Shiny glazes are more mar resistant. Heavy use with some utensils can leave metal deposits on any glaze.   (Marring is metal deposits from utensils.  A typical example is a gray line left from bearing down on a steak knife, or the gray area at the bottom of a mug where the spoon rubs when stirring in sugar for coffee.)

Jade Green pictured solid and with Lilac accent (sometimes the Lilac goes to a milky blue color and is not true Lilac color)


web_wedding_reg1.jpg (23622 bytes)

Mahogany is a beautiful matt glaze.  The accent glaze is variable in color, from tan to purple.


See disclaimer, notes and instructions at Price List page.



Casseroles come in two sizes...3 quart and 5 quart...style and shape vary.

Above is Bruning Celadon with Buckskin accent.  Note: No two firings are exactly the same, and produce slight variations in color.


One of a kind Mugs available in Showroom



tea pot


Extra large latte

  Extra large Tall latte mugs

Tea Pots



  Pasta Bowls        


Condiment bowl (4 1/4" dia)

Cereal bowl (6" dia)

Pasta bowl (8 1/4" dia)

"V" Bowl

"U" bowl (7" dia)



French Butter Dishes

Cream and Sugar



 Soap Pumper Lilac with Opal

Sugar / Honey Pot Celadon with Buckskin

oval dinner plates


Platter Lilac with Opal



Designed for the cereal bowl to set in the curve of the oval for a soup and sandwich set.  

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Price list  Bonsai Pots (One of a kind)

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