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2017 Pottery Classes  

Wednesday afternoon 1:30 to 4:30
Wednesday evening 6:30 to 9:30
Thursday afternoon 1:30 to 4:30
Thursday evening 6:30 to 9:30
Friday evening 6:30 to 9:30

See tables below for availability.

First time Bruning Pottery students $285.00 for a weekly 3 hour class, for 6 weeks, see tables below... includes studio un-instructed free time on Fridays and Saturdays 10 to 5. ( Fee includes basic tool kit and first 25 pounds of clay)

 Returning students (after a break) $210.00 (includes 25 pounds clay) 

Consecutive re-signs. $200.00 (also includes 25 pounds clay)

Tenured $190.00 (includes 25 pounds of clay)

A tenured student has taken paid classes at Bruning Pottery for 2 years or more... (which means 14 paid 6 week sessions) 

  • All classes include first 25 pounds of clay,  glaze, and firings and open studio time*.  Extra clay is $40.00 (plus tax) per 25 pounds  or $35 if you are Tenured. (Cost of clay includes the additional glaze and firing costs)

    Learn throwing, trimming, hand building, and glazing... with "one on one" help if needed.

    (consulting on advanced projects )

    *Un-instructed studio time for enrolled students Fridays 10am to 5:00pm... or Saturday 10am to 5:00pm.



    Call or email Judy or Larry to sign up and secure your space. 
    No spaces reserved without payment. 


Covered Jar

Dolphin Tray

Weekly 3 hour classes for 6 weeks
(Fee changes for 2017 classes)
Tenured Artists---$190
Consecutive resigns ---$200
Returning students (after a break) ---$210
First time students---$285
In addition to your weekly class time, there is free time for enrolled students on Friday or Saturday 10am to 5pm.
Additional clay $40.00+tax for 25 pounds... Additional Tenured clay $35+tax...
The clay fee covers the costs for various overheads like; glaze, firing and kiln maintenance.

June/July Session 2017
Wednesday Afternoon
June 7 to July 12
1:30pm to 4:30pm
Wednesday Evening
June 7 to July 12
 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Thursday Afternoon
June 8 to July 13
1:30pm to 4:30pm
Thursday Evening
 June 8 to July 13
6:30pm to 9:30pm

1. Sandra C. 1. Alexa K. 1. Ann C. 1. Lynda D.  
2. Kristen K. 2. Panda S. 2. Maria F. 2. Anita J.  
3. Kristin L. 3. Sue W.P. 3. Andrea H. 3. Christie P.*  
4. Jana S. 4. Lisa O. 4. Susan R. 4. Karen P.*  
5. Kelly J. 5. Ashley L. 5. Marge W. 5. Tessa D.  
6. Fiona Z.* 6. Teresa W. 6. Donna B. 6. Lisa L.  
7. Oscar T.* 7. Michelle L. 7. Sandy M.* 7. John S.  
8. Eva W. 8. Amy KC. 8. Susan M. 8. Jennifer S.  
9. Paula B 9. Nikki B. 9. Karen B. 9. Phil W.  
10. Debbie S. 10. Debbie B. 10. Heidi S. 10. Liz D.  

Classes Calendar for 2017

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