Photography September 2014

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Photography is my hobby. I get out once a week on Sunday mornings to commune with nature and document the amazingly beautiful Northwest US I live in. 

I then edit that shoot, in my spare time, the rest of the week and then do it over again the next week.  I'm having fun and that is the point with a hobby isn't it.

(Please ignore the rainbow effect on some thumbnails... the full image is not effected)

Queen Ann's Lace seeds


Another Dragonfly shot

Panorama of Norris Geyser


Sunset and moon rise in
Yellowstone N.P.

Pronghorn Antelope in Yellowstone

Buffalo grazing

Glacier NP after first snow of the season

Snow on the high trees in Glacier NP on Sept 10, 2014

Old Log Cabin in Idaho

Wagon wheel

Sunset through the tree
by the Madison river

Rainbow in Yellowstone

Idaho Duck Pond

Yellowstone Morning

Sunrise on the Madison River
in Yellowstone

Morning Drink

Madison river Morning

Sunset Silhouette

Trees in the Mist

Unusual Clouds at Sunset

B&W Art

Larry in the Sage

Female Yellow-rumped Warbler

Black capped Chickadee

Juv. Yellow-rumped warbler

Juv. Common yellowthroat

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