Photography September 2013

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Photography is my hobby. I get out once a week on Sunday mornings to commune with nature and document the amazingly beautiful Northwest US I live in. 

(In this months case... we went on a long distance week long exploration of  Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Eastern Wa... and some of the images collected are shown here)

I then edit that shoot, in my spare time, the rest of the week and then do it over again the next week.  I'm having fun and that is the point with a hobby isn't it.

A Hawk in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Sunrise

Teton Sunrise

Idaho Fall Storm Clouds

Log Cabin Homestead

Mom River Otter
and two young.

River Otters

Yellowstone Lake

Early morning Sunrise
in Yellowstone Park

Sunrise through
Geyser steam

Elk Bugling letting
other males know he
has this territory under
 control and will fight to
defend it.

Chipmunk saying hello

Yellowstone Coyote

Sepia Buffalo herd at
the dust wallow

Osprey nest with
youngster... in
Yellowstone Canyon

Sheep ranch in

Old Homestead made
into B&W Art


Sunset from Crater
Lake rim.

Crater Lake

Yellowstone Falls


Sun, clouds and
Cattle ranch

Bull Elk breathing hard
after a long run.

Buffalo family

Patriarch (with beard)

Ancient trees at Crater Lake

Crater Lake deep blue water

Ancient ones at Crater Lake

Long exposure night shots of river rapids

Bee in a Flower

Mt St. Helens Panorama
of 6 images

Distant vistas from rim of Crater Lake

Phantom Ship Island
in Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Beach scene

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