September 2012 Photography

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Osprey, near Baker Oregon,
 flies with large Trout for dinner.

Same Osprey &
Trout heading to the

Osprey watching the
river for a meal.

A Black Wolf, far away,
in Yellowstone

This is a photo of Wolves
and a Grizzly reportedly
feeding on a kill in Lamar
Valley, in Yellowstone.

Mountain Bluebird
in Yellowstone


It was a Buffalo year
for sure.

Buffalo in mist

Brothers in the morning

Ground level Buffalo

Close encounter

Raven on a cold cinder cone
in Yellowstone

A tame Raven

A 2 photo panorama of
a Sunset in Yellowstone.

Antelope herd eating a
ranchers grass at

2 versions of the
Bull Elk by the
Madison River
 in Yellowstone.

Lone Buffalo in great
Yellowstone vista

Eastern Washington
wheat fields with sun
rays through the clouds.

Red Tail Hawk

Baker valley Barn...
I have watched this particular Barn
deteriorate over about 15
years to where it is today.

Red tail Hawk watches me
from fence post.


Beautiful water reflection
scene in Yellowstone.

Mist on water at
sunrise in Yellowstone

Later shot of the same sunset.



Sunset in Yellowstone

A yearling Bull Elk
with new antlers.

A mature bull Elk
 looking very regal

Bull Elk and part
of his family

Bull Elk and his lady

Brothers in the mist

Bull Elk watching me

A domestic goat
at the Evergreen
State Fair.

Sunrise and trees

Doe playing hide and...
"stay hidden"

B&W Photoshop fun

Herd of deer all
looking at me wondering
if I'm an immediate
danger to them.

Golden Wheat field
stubble in Eastern

A Canadian Goose
landing on lake in

Yellowstone Vista

Eastern Washington


Barn Art

Yellow Pine in Eastern

Black Capped Chickadee

3 photo panorama of
Yellowstone vista

My brother and I
fishing in Idaho

Frost on Yellowstone
flower mid September

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes

Eastern Washington Wheat

Wheat field vista

Wheat field vista

Wheat field and Judy

Wheat field stubble

Wheat field vista

Song Sparrow

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Song Sparrow

Gold Finch

Gold Finch

One of the Thrushes I believe

Dew on a Spiders Web

Dew on a spiders web


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