Photography is my hobby.  I know most people make pottery as a hobby, but since I spend most of my waking hours making pots, I need an "out doors communing with nature time".  Fly fishing was the predecessor to nature photography... it filled that need for many years.   

More serious photography is a natural progression from taking product shots of pots that would show up well on our web page... it progressed to finding how to use the camera better and better...and then shooting fish pictures by the thousands.  So I have been taking photos for many years and finally decided it was time I did it with more focus (pun intended), and I bought the next up-grade in equipment with the money from the sale of all of my fly fishing gear.  Yes I sold it all to a fellow back east who was new to fly fishing, and in need of a up-grade of his own.  I found it very interesting how it all worked out.

The current photography equipment I'm using is the new Canon 70d with various Canon lenses, but the best is the EF 100/400L II.  This is a telephoto lens that is very good.  Sharp, good color and contrast, and flexible.  Those in-the-field-lens-changing-situations, are fewer with this lens since you have a 100 mm and all gradients up to 400 mm all at your finger tips.  The thrill is to see in perfect detail the individual feathers of a bird that was moving very quickly when the shutter was pressed, but the camera stopped the motion and captured the moment clearly and it is delightful to see on the computer screen.  I am not a full fledged (yes I know)  birder by any means, but have learned a great deal in the last year about what species are available to me here in Western Washington, at what times of the year, and the names of some I never heard of before.  And am getting somewhat better at differentiation between difficult species and mature, vs. Juv., vs. female/male, of a common species.

Anyway below are links to photos, not of pots... and from there the category is "mostly nature."   But I'm a sucker for a good "barn shot" as well... and reserve the right to photograph what ever catches my attention while I'm out there... like running water, cowboys/farmers, flowers and leaves, insects, etc.

My current interest is more in making videos of the photography instead of posting individual images.

Photography Winter 2016/17

Photography December 2014
Photography November 2014
Photography October 2014
Photography September 2014
Photography August 2014
Photography July 2014
Photography June 2014
Photography May 2014
Photography April 2014
Photography March 2014
Photography January 2014

Photography Nov and Dec 2013
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Photography February 2013
Photography January 2013

Photography December 2012
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Photography April 2012
Photography March 2012
Photography February 2012
Photography January 2012

Photography December 2011
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Photography October 2011
Photography September 2011
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Photography June 2011
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Photography February 2011
Photography January 2011

Photography November 2010
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Photography July 2010

Photography June 2010

Photography May 2010

Photography 2010 April

Photography 2010 March

Photography 2010, January

Photography April 2009

Photography January and February 2009



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