Photography January 2014

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Photography is my hobby. I get out once a week on Sunday mornings to commune with nature and document the amazingly beautiful Northwest US I live in. 

I then edit that shoot, in my spare time, the rest of the week and then do it over again the next week.  I'm having fun and that is the point with a hobby isn't it.

A young Bald Eagle yet to gain the trademark white head.
But its coming...

Panorama of farms


Barn vista

Barn in the mist

Mt. Baker

Misty marsh

Misty trees

Rough legged hawks
dark morph and light morph

Mature Eagle

Eagle in a tree

Mature Eagle

I see you too...Heron




Hawk on moss
covered barn roof

Red tail Hawk

Seattle harbor at night

Seattle at night

Seattle's 12th man celebration

Seattle at night

Cattle herd with calves
from this year.

Red tail Hawk

Rough legged Hawk Dark Morph

Song sparrow portrait

Great Blue Heron

Chickadee upside down

Farm vista

B&W Barn photo-shopped
as a pen and ink sketch

Mature Bald Eagle

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