Fountains FOR HOME AND DECK  

We can help you design and build a desktop fountain with our components. 

Below are examples of possibilities.


*Notes and Disclaimers:  Fountain water will grow algae over time and needs to be cleaned with regular soap and water now and then. Tip: Our customers have told us distilled water slows the Algae growth without chemicals, and slows the white evaporation ring in the bowl if you have hard water.  Some people without pets or children use chemicals to retard the Algae growth.

 NOTE:  Re-assemble the parts in a manner that avoids splashing.  Bruning Pottery is not responsible for water damage resulting from use of our fountains in your home and under your care. When you re-design a Bruning Pottery fountain... make sure you assemble it, so it is not splashing, and won't ruin a table, desktop or carpet, etc.


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