December 2012 Photography

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Photography is my hobby. I get out once a week on Sunday mornings to comunne with nature and document the amazingly beautiful Northwest US I live in. 

I then edit that shoot, in my spare time, the rest of the week and then do it over again the next week.  I'm having fun and that is the point with a hobby isn't it.

A re-do of last
summers Mt. Rainier

B&W of kids far
away on a beach.

Fond memories of
last summers flowers

Fond memories of
last summers flowers

Fond memories of
last summers flowers

Iris from last

Sun breaks

First heavy snow
in December 2012

Barns are a weakness

B&W Barn

Warm Song Sparrow

Long exposure night shots in my town

A reworked
Rooster Pheasant

The Eagle Eye

Fall foliage

Misty morning

A poisonous one

Last of the


Cascades after
first snow

Blustery day


Barns in the
morning mist

A Flicker
on mossy barn



OLd Barns

Northern Pintail
ducks in flight

The cat who owns
the place

Downtown Seattle
from West

Blustery day
in Cascades

Mt. Index

Young Eagle
from last winter

Re-do of
Snohomish Barn

A real Sun-dog

Down town

Logging road
near Mt. Index

Cool clouds

Early morning

Fog banks
 and logs

A frog looking around
the corner at me



Puget Sound

Redtail Hawk with
a mouse for breakfast

Rough legged Hawk
checking me out as

Swan Art
 (manipulated photo)

A recent vase

Long exposure and
artistic license

Snohomish Alley with
tourists and puddle

Alley way puddle and

Snohomish at night
atmospheric night

Artistic license with
Alley puddle

Long expoure of
Seattle lights from
Beacon Hill

Tide-lands Art

Textured tree

Not often do I see
a bald eagle with
something to eat.

In this case it looks
like duck.

Not much left now.

Beautiful day after first
snow in Washington's

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