Photography August 2014

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Photography is my hobby. I get out once a week on Sunday mornings to commune with nature and document the amazingly beautiful Northwest US I live in. 

I then edit that shoot, in my spare time, the rest of the week and then do it over again the next week.  I'm having fun and that is the point with a hobby isn't it.

A Bee in the Blackberry blooms

Heron ART

White Crowned Sparrow stuffed full of Blackberries

Local Canadians

Cottontail Rabbit I believe

Hooded Merganser preparing to swallow the frog whole.

Merlin Falcon through the branches

A cool Dragonfly

Honey Bee working the August flowers

Straw Wagons
Killdeer mom and Chick below

A very well camouflaged Grasshopper!

Scene from deep in the brambles

Old Blackberry leaf

Old Leaves from a Blackberry Vine

Flowers and a little light

A "pushed" sunset
(artistic license)

Close of a Pigeon



Bee working the Lavender

Sunset clouds

American Bittern in flight

Great White Heron

Happy Dragon Fly, Hovering

Another Cottontail

Spruce Grouse

Spruce Grouse
Mom and Chick

Mt Baker area from
Artist's Point

Mt Baker area

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